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Institutional Collaboration

[Project Proposal Collaboration Form available here]

Why Collaborate?

No single individual, university, or institution can generate the history of a city—the stories of its inhabitants, its architecture and streets, its cultural products and languages, its layers of memory and social systems—from its beginnings up through the present-day.  While HyperCities hosts some data locally, the majority of the data objects and collections are external to the system, hosted and maintained by their respective owners.  The beauty of this approach is that external archives are able to expose their assets in a richly contextualized environment built on the premise of interoperability but without compromising autonomy or oversight for their collections.

The HyperCities team is sensitive to rights, ownership, and branding in the digital age.  HyperCities is an aggregation platform, not a digital repository.  It sorts and orders content owned, controlled, and in many cases, housed by our partner institutions.  Though the HyperCities brand appears at the top of the map engine, content provided by partner institutions is clearly labeled with the partner’s choice of imagery and access restrictions.

To begin exploring a collaboration with HyperCities, please fill out the project proposal collaboration form.  This will help us learn about your project and figure out how we can align our current stage of development with your vision.