Launch HyperCities


Upcoming courses that will use HyperCities:

  • Berlin: The Modern Metropolis (UCLA, Fall 2009, Professor Todd Presner)
  • East Asian Cluster (UCLA, Fall 2009, Professor Jennifer Jung-Kim)
  • HyperCities Yerevan, Armenia (UCLA, Spring 2010, Professor Peter Cowe)

Recent courses that have used HyperCities:

  • The LA Cluster (UCLA, 2008-09, Professor Janice Reiff, with three other professors), an interdisciplinary three-quarter long General Education course for 240 first year students exploring the global history of Los Angeles
  • Hypermedia New York (City University of New York–Baruch, 2009, Professor John Maciuika), an arts and architecture seminar on New York City
  • Creating and Recreating Historic Filipinotown (UCLA, 2009, Professor Janice Reiff), a seminar taught in partnership with Public Matters and the Pilipino Workers’ Center that brought high school and university students together to explore the history of this neighborhood
  • Peru Studio (University of Virginia, 2008-09, Professor Dean Abernathy), a fourth-year architectural design studio that used the platform and analytical graphics to test and present proposals for the future of Ollantaytambo, Peru, a small town in the Sacred Valley
  • Hypermedia Berlin (UCLA2008, Professor Todd Presner), a General Education course on the cultural, urban, and architectural history of the city
  • Mapping Ancient Rome in the 21st Century (UCLA, 2009, Professor Diane Favro), a first-year seminar on digital cultural mapping of the city of Rome
  • Death and Dying in the Roman World (UCLA, 2009, Professor Chris Johanson), a Classics course that required students to create “geo-temporal essays” using HyperCities
  • Digital Cultural Mapping: Methods of Geo-Temporal Inquiry (UCLA, 2009, Professor Diane Favro), a graduate seminar on ancient Rome that used HyperCities as a publishing platform for student projects