Launch HyperCities


Core Partner Institutions and Organizations:

  • University of California Los Angeles
  • University of Southern California
  • The City University of New York (CUNY) and CUNY-Baruch College
  • Pilipino Workers’ Center
  • Public Matters, Los Angeles

Core Leadership and Development Team (2010-present):

  • Dean Abernathy, Peru Studio (Orange Coast College)
  • Mike Blockstein, Public Matters (Los Angeles)
  • Reanne Estrada, Public Matters (Los Angeles)
  • Philip Ethington (History and Political Science, University of Southern California)
  • Diane Favro (Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA)
  • Chris Johanson (Classics and Digital Humanities, UCLA)
  • Yoh Kawano, Technical Lead (Academic Technology Services, UCLA)
  • James Lee, Senior Programmer (Computer Science, UCLA)
  • John Maciuika (Fine and Performing Arts, City University of New York—Baruch College and CUNY Graduate Center)
  • Todd Presner, Director (Germanic Languages, Comparative Literature, and Digital Humanities, UCLA)
  • Janice Reiff (History and Statistics, UCLA)
  • David Shepard, HyperCities technical lead and project manager (English, UCLA)
  • Aqui Soriano-Versoza, Pilipino Workers’ Center (Los Angeles)
  • Jay Tung, Senior Programmer (Computer Science, UCLA)

Summer 2009 Interns:

  • Sophie Xie, Undergraduate Research Intern (Cognitive Science, UCLA)
  • Henry Gruber,  University of Chicago
  • Suzy Gustafson, GIS Intern (UCLA)

Development Team (2007-09):

  • Yusuf Bhabhrawala (UCLA, Center for Digital Humanities)
  • Akash Haswani (UCLA, Center for Digital Humanities)
  • Shawn Higgins (UCLA, Center for Digital Humanities)
  • Barbara Hui (UCLA, Comparative Literature)
  • Daniel Lee (UCLA, Computer Science, 2008)
  • Pad Vasu (UCLA, Computer Science, 2008)